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Fleasterhood of the Traveling DRZ
Saturday, 3 February 2007
Doctor DRZ
Mood:  a-ok

Brando brought up in the expell thread that I must blame society for the faults of one of my offspring.


On the contrary.

I worry most about the boy because he is MY boy. I know how I think....and still remember my thought process when I was 15.


At 41.....I know better now....right?


Of course I do.


Our story begins:


Skidders has been busily working on the green sidecar today.

Monday evening, while smoking in the garage and just shit talking in general....we discussed cutting my cast off. I still have a month to go....but 8 weeks+ heal time is pretty good. I've been a good girl....only been out riding once in that 8 weeks.


Skidders has a real bad pinched nerve in his shoulder. We decided not to cut off my cast on Monday night....because neither one of us could have supressed the urge to go race a GP today.

We both have a little problem with that immediate gratification thing the shrinks are always talking about....but the first step in recovery is knowing you have a problem....right?


So, it's a sunny beautiful day. A rarity this winter.

Skidders is working on the sidecar today....and ya know what *that* means?

Means tomorrow is....Go fer a ride! Go fer a ride! Go fer a ride! Day!!!!!!!


Yes, Skidders working on the sidecar brings forth a reaction in me much like a puppy when master grabs for the leash, headed for the door. I don't piss myself or anything...but ya get the idea.


I need at least a day, cast free before I ride. Not gonna tell you how I know that for a fact.


This started as part of my next Traveling DRZ cronicles.


How do you take a cast off? Skidders really wanted to try out his new grinder....but I thought that was kinda over-kill....and perhaps might injure me in the process.

So we broke out my Christmas present.....Drummel to the rescue!

(I know how to spell it...but it's a fucking drUmmel, dammit!)



My arm is laying on a very greasy diaper, on the rear fender of the green sidecar, just outside the garage.

The metal thing poking out of the cast is a tire iron, a safety precaution. Safety first, ya know!



Buzzing along pretty good. Not main arteries cut or anything. Almost done with the first pass.



SNAP! Houston....we have a problem!


Snapped the screw that holds the cutting wheel on.



What to do....what to do....


Calling Dr. DRZ to the rescue!!!!!!!!

{fake mouth trumpet sounds}




After a brief conference.....a plan was made.




Under the watchful eye of Dr. DRZ.....tin snips we used in a delicate operation to finish the cast removal operation.





The operation is a





Thanks Dr. DRZ!!!!!

We couldn't have done it without you!!!!!!!!!!






On a side note....Wolfie....your KDX will ride again!


Team Leprechuan has a gas tank that FITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Posted by janetteplayer at 12:01 AM
Updated: Sunday, 18 March 2007 3:16 PM
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Thursday, 21 December 2006
A New Beginning
Mood:  mischievious
Now Playing: In the Beginning......

....there was a message board.

The Christmas spirit took hold.

Someone suggested...."Hey, let's do a Secret Santa gift exchange!"


My gift was several nice things, very nicely wrapped.

Amung the gifts was a packaged, 1:12 replica DRZ toy motorcycle.

Toys are meant to be played with. it destroys their souls to be kept in a box and gazed at from afar.

FREE the TOYS!!!!!!!!!!

First, let me start off by saying; this is in no way an insult to the gift.

It screams to be taken to the next level.

It needs to make an epic journey for a year.

It's been done with a Lawn Gnome and even with the baby Jesus.

It must be done with a 1:12 replica DRZ.


The DRZ comes stock with a headlight. It's a traveling bike.

Lord knows it's not a motocrosser.


People have been telling me to start a blog.

Blogs are gay.

DRZs are gay.

I wonder if they can cancel out each other's gayness?


Traveling DRZ's journey starts where it began yesterday.

I picked it up at the Post Office. This is the heart of the 92315!


Yesterday was D Day!

December 20, 10 PM, the opening commenced.



It's ironic that the sign says apply for a passport. The DRZ was given to me by my Secret Santa in Nova Scotia....and I was Secret Santa for a guy in New Zealand.


This is my P.O. Box. Not sure why I thought this was cool, at the time. Shows perspective. I was feeling all artistic n shit.



The lil DRZ that could.



At the local grocery market, I got the box girl in her safety vest to pose with Traveling DRZ.

She kinda thought I wanted the picture for strange internet porn. After a lot of coaxing, she agreed to do it, if she covered her face.

It's strange.....but not porn.



Now get back to WORK!

Those carts aren't collecting themselves, Missy!



When I think of DRZ, the first thing that comes to mind is....cheesy.




Now you can say you have seen the cheesiest DRZ picture on the web.


I won't mention any names, but some DRZ riders, might want to stick with the Fat Free cheese.



You can bet when you find a DRZ, there is a sausage fest all around it.







Posted by janetteplayer at 8:30 PM
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