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The Berming Men

The Orange Guys

Dave Hennessy & Jim Vietti

somewhere new mexico & somewhere New Mexico

Would be nice to have an e addy clicky here.


Some detail about the chasis here. VMC what model, etc


Dave Hennessy was born a poor black child on Sept 20 1954, making him 29 like the rest of us.  

(where were ya born, Dave?)

He used to Race the Pro class in New Mexico back in the seventies.. crashed way to much.

(what years and what bikes did you race? Do you have any pictures?)

Second in state championship twice.. always the bridemaid?  But boy does he look great in a taffita dress.

(what year, what were you riding and what Championship series?)

Got a 5th behind Marty Smith at orange County MX on a trip I made to a Yamaha Mechanic school.

(you went to to mechanics school? When? What year for the MX?)

Raced in the over 30 Expert class for a couple years in the Texas Crosscountry Series

(What years, what series, what bike(s)?)

He and Jim got 11th in the sidecar series in 2003, 3rd in 2004, 2nd in 2005 …… no telling about this season some people* are trying their best to keep us from taking it this year.

(*Yes, yes we are trying to get that coveted #1 just like you guys. We've apparently got two teams of Bride's Maids trying hard to get that #1 "Groom".)

(still needs a re-write and more info)


1999 Zabel/VMC 700cc 2 stroke


something about the suspension here


ADD Jim's Bio here
Jim has been too busy to write a bio. He is starting up a new business.....""....never loose track of your monkey again. Works better then even the best leash on the market today!

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