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Grampa's new ride!

So....long about the first week of April, my Father in "Law" says he's getting a new bike. "Grampa Bob" is a Harley guy....most would describe as a "biker". I call him Biker Santa. He needs a ride back with his new bike as it was not registered to be on the road yet.

So....we load up in the truck and take a ride....far, far away. Ok, not that far....but still almost a 2 hour trip. I am thinking.....visions of what sort of bike we are to go pick up. He said it was a BMW....ok....I got that....but I expected....well....I expected ape hangers and a lot of chrome.

We had some time to kill, so we stopped off at our "local" motorcycle super store. I always have things to stock up on for the garage. I got some much needed tubes, some 2 smoke mix oil and a few other assorted items. Grampa Bob got a helmet. He's worn a German "novelty" helmet for years, and wanted some more protection for his mellon on the road. He also got a pair of goggles to go with his new open face helmet.  

We get to the home where we are picking up the bike....and the fella opens his garage door. To my is a sport cruiser!!!!!!!!! ALL RIGHT Grampa!!!!!! Took me by surprise to the max!

I blanked out the faces of the previous owners because I didn't know if they wanted their faces all over the internet.

We loaded up the bike and headed off down the road. We were close to an Indian Dealership that I had passed by a million times and never had a chance to stop and take a look-see. Traffic was horrible, so what the hey....let's stop in. Niiiiiice bikes, to be sure. Couldn't afford a single one of them, but it was a lot of fun hanging out with Grampa Bob looking at all the cool Indians and all the custom jobbies. I bought a t shirt.

He took me out to a very nice dinner.....something I am not very accustomed to. All day long I had nothing but a good time hanging out with "Dad". Like a Father/Daughter moto day.

Grampa's new ride!

Grampa's new baby at home!